Top SEO trends 2019

There are many search engines in the world and they are becoming more and more intelligent. Modern search engines are providing closer search results than before. Some search engines answer directly on the results pages. Also, the amount of voice search queries is increasing. These changes may drastically change the websites optimization strategy.  Let’s look in the near future and try to prepare for it.

  1. Voice search.

Almost 20% of all online search requests are voice searches. In 2020 this percent may increase up to 50%. The internet changes very fast and these changes are providing SEO experts with new opportunities. In order to optimize voice search requests, we may need to use various methods since algorithms are going to be completely different. In their voice queries users tend to use the actual, right questions instead of using single words and separate phrases and new algorithms will be dealing with those questions. In order to rise your website’s rating you will need to optimize it to work with a new variation of “voice keywords’. It is necessary for you to use long tail keywords that fall into one of the six forms (why, what, how, who, when, where) and don’t forget about questions marks.

  • Websites usability.

For example, this year Google will support websites that are providing their users with best experience. On the contrary, websites with poor user experience will have lower rating. You may improve UX on your website, increase loading speed, change its design to make it more user friendly, or optimize it for mobile platforms and don’t forget that your content should be unique and high-quality.

  • SEO content for visitors.

The content is the most vital factor. This is exactly why Google is going to change its standards for what is considered good. The best way to surpass your competitors is to provide your users with more precise and readable information than their websites. Any leader must understand the necessity of user oriented content even if some search engines are not positioning it high.

Find some ways to diversify your content by using LSI keywords. These words must be in close semantical connection with your core keywords that you use on the websites. By using LSI keyword search engines can understand your content better. If they understand it well, then those algorithms can better promote your websites.

  • Pay attention to the links you use.

Links are the most powerful tool for your foreign dating sites, but you must be careful. This year, in May, according to Google reports we witnessed an increasing amount of guest posts with spam links inside. It is possible that Google is going to closely monitor guest articles. It doesn’t mean that you must forbid guest articles, just make sure that it contains only one link.

  • Use AMP

When your website works fast it is just fantastic. In 2015 Google launched “Accelerated Mobile Pages” project. The AMP pages are very light they don’t use JavaScript and may not even use CSS. The lesser amount of code you use the faster your website works.

  • Use AMP and HTTPS

Google has approved secure connections and they are a ranking factor since 2014. In Google Chrome sites with HTTP are marked as unprotected. If your website still using HTTP, then your ratings are not as high as they could be.

It is very important to use powerful SEO tools. Your company fully depends on your ability to measure progress and identify problems before they cause permanent damage.