How to hack your girlfriend’s Facebook account?

Nowadays the internet has deeply affected our lives. We use it to read news, watch movies, listen to music, post photos, get an education etc. Most of the people use the Internet to socialize with their friends. There are many social networks and Facebook is one the most popular of them.

First of all, I must say that there is no special software to hack an account in Facebook. However, you will find many websites claiming to provide a free hacker tool. But it’s almost always a ploy to draw your attention to something, or make you buy or download something, or take a survey, for example. But even after all the requirements are met, you will fail. Don’t waste your time, there are better ways to do it.

If you have access to her PC or laptop, then this is going to be easy. Let’s say that she uses Google Chrome. In Google Chrome you just enter “Settings”, then go to “Advanced settings”, after that choose “Passwords and forms” and finally click on “Manage passwords”. Then choose Facebook and take a couple of photos on your smartphone.

If she doesn’t save her passwords in browsers or you don’t have access to her laptop, then you might want to try social engineering. The term social engineering refers to psychological manipulation of people into divulging confidential information. Sounds cruel, right?

She is your girlfriend; you have access to her heart! You already know her phone number, date and place of birth, her maiden name etc. If you have that information, then you have all the chances to gain access to her account. Just use “Forgot password” option.

If the first two methods did not work, then you may try to use phishing.

Phishing is the most popular method to hack someone’s Facebook account. It is not necessary to have any special technical skills to create a phishing page. This is why this method is so popular. Many people have become a victim of phishing page because of their high accuracy and absolute coincidence with the appearance of the original website. It requires you to create a page that look exactly the same as the original Facebook authentication page, but with different URL-address that resembles the original one. For example, or If someone confuses this page with the real one, then he or she personally and voluntarily enters their confidential data, and instantly all the information will be sent to you and user will be redirected to the real Facebook page. It is up to you how to figure out how to make your girlfriend visit that page. If you want to defend yourself, then just make sure to check a URL addresses.  And be double careful if you saved your login and password in your browser, but now it says that you need to enter your information again.

But the most effective method is to talk to your girlfriend directly, just tell her your concerns, doubts and problems. I am sure that you will be able to work it out. Be honest with each other, there is no love without truth. And be careful in the internet it is full of good stuff, but there are some people who would like to take advantage of those who is not careful enough.

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